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Introducing GRX


Welcome to the Global Resources Innovation Expo (GRX)

The Global Resources Innovation Expo (GRX) is set to debut in May 2025. GRX is the result of a strategic collaboration between Austmine and AusIMM, two of the most influential industry associations in the resource sector. This partnership is dedicated to advancing Australia’s global leadership in resources innovation, attracting a forward-thinking audience from right around the globe.


Mobilising stakeholders across the mining ecosystem to collaborate, innovate, and lead the transition to a sustainable future, GRX will serve as a pivotal platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies, fostering global partnerships, and aligning strategic priorities.

Industry Led Approach

One of GRX’s defining features is its industry-led approach. Profits generated from GRX will be reinvested into the industry, positioning GRX as a key platform of technological and strategic advancements within the sector.

A Collaborative Effort

GRX is more than just an event; it is a strategic collaboration between Austmine and AusIMM to amplify Australia’s leadership in mining and resources. This collaboration leverages the strengths and networks of both organisations to create an impactful showcase of innovation, technology, people and ideas.  

Showcasing Australian Excellence

GRX is a future-focused event highlighting Australian leadership in mining and resources. The event will emphasise Australia’s competitive advantage in areas such as critical minerals, energy transition and innovation. GRX is strategically designed to balance international influence while promoting local expertise, ensuring it serves as a true reflection of the Australian industry’s capabilities and leadership

Join Us at GRX25

We invite you to join us at GRX25 to be part of the change. Whether you are a global leader, innovator, or stakeholder in the mining ecosystem, GRX25 offers a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the future of the resources industry.